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Therapies with mofetes and miraculous effects in detoxifying the body. Helps treat dozens of diseases. A haven from life in Covasna Baile Tusnad , Greentherapy offers offers a range of treatments to keep you happy and relaxed. Come speak to one of our trained nutritionists or fitness instructors and we can advise on a programme that’s tailored to you. Or simply book an afternoon on 0040727100545 to enjoy the facilities – we have many relaxing options ready for you at our wellness centre.

Effective Process

Moftes are carbon dioxide emanations that originate from postvulcanic activities in the Carpathian Arc Curve. These rare natural phenomena are found only in few areas of the planet - in Italy, in Java, in Yellowstone National Park and in Romania. Absorption of carbon dioxide in the skin brings with it a number of benefits for blood circulation, stimulating peripheral and systemic vasodilation. Due to these special therapeutic properties, mofetes become one of the most effective remedies for the heart. Worldwide, stroke is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality (Lopez AD et al 2006), because it annually "kills" five million people and causes severe disabilities around the same number of patients. Prospective studies show that this condition increases year by year, both in incidence and prevalence, and is estimated by World Health Organization experts that strokes will become the leading cause of death by 2030. Recovery in cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, peripheral arterial and venous pathology, post-surgical intervention for a heart disease) should be made up of cumulative health-related measures, starting with exercise and reducing stress. The purpose of heart recovery is to help patients regain their physical form, to prevent subsequent strokes and to increase their quality of life, ie the chance of survival of the patients. Mofettes are ideal for cardiovascular disease recovery or as a measure of prevention in patients who are likely to develop diseases in this sphere (hypertension, cardiovascular disorders with even limited functional reserves, chronic obstructive arteriopathy). The researches carried out in the Baile Tusnad resort have highlighted some mechanisms of action of the mofettes, namely the role of the mofetarian carbon dioxide inhaled by the patients during the treatment. After inhalation of carbon dioxide, there was an increase in cerebral blood flow (with values ​​of around 75%), which increased the concentration and intellectual strength, blood flow in skeletal muscles (44%), amelioration heart rate parameters, and exercise capacity in coronary heart disease and sequelae of myocardial infarction, blood pressure lowering, lipid lowering in blood. How does mofet therapy work? Moffect treatment takes place in specially designed spaces. The patient stands, while carbon dioxide forms a kind of invisible "blanket" in the lower part of the spine (to the bottom of the patient's trunk). The carbon dioxide level is checked half an hour or so while the patient is "bathing" in the beneficial gas mixture. In addition to health benefits, mofetes induce a very relaxing sensation, stimulating breathing and oxygen transport to tissues in the body. And the brain has to gain from this therapy, which is why writers and painters used to inspiration in the spa resorts with mofetes. Duration of treatment Treatment is only based on a medical recommendation and lasts up to 20 minutes. In order to have a long-term effect, a cure of 10-12 days is required.

Our Wellness Centre

Conveniently located, our wellness centre has everything you need to relax and refresh under one roof. Our trained therapists offer a variety of remedies to help you get into tip top condition, mentally and physically. You can even treat yourself to different therapies to support your needs. Rest assured, you're dealing with a team of health and wellness experts. Profile: cardiovascular Relief: intramontane Climate: subalpine Altitude: 564 m Summer temperature: 15-22 ° C Winter temperature: -5 to 12 ° C City nearby: Bucharest 218 km, Cluj 310 km, Timisoara 466 km, Sibiu 199 km, Baia Mare 422 km, Oradea 462 km, Arad 454, Suceava 286 km. Curative Factors: Carbonated, bicarbonate, chlorinated-sodium, hypotonic and hypertone mineral waters; pits; Sedative Bioclimate; mineral sludge; buckets for internal mineral water cleaning; over 1,500 mineral water springs with a very high flow rate. Nearby Airport: Bucharest 218 km.


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